What distinguishes BAILEY TAX SERVICE? It is our commitment to providing the highest level of quality service to our clients. We have spent almost 40 years building relationships with our customers and our desire is to make them feel like they are more than "a number."

The INDIVIDUAL tax preparation services we presently offer our current and new clients are:   
* Personal tax return preparation
* Small business tax returns
* Farm returns (new clients must have previous depreciation worksheets)
* Rental properties (new clients must have previous depreciation worksheets)

BAILEY TAX SERVICE does not prepare corporate, partnership, or fiduciary returns.

What sets BAILEY TAX SERVICE apart from our competitors, besides our down home atmosphere, are the FREEBIES and DISCOUNTS we offer.  Among our most popular are: 
*  FREE federal and state ELECTRONIC FILING [with paid federal and state prep fees]
*  FREE married filing joint vs. married filing separate comparisons
*  FREE tax return for a last year high school graduate [with a paid parent's return]
*  25% Student Discount [for full-time high school or full-time college students] and / or 

*  25% Family Discount [for children of my clients (age 24 and under) who still live at home and are at least half-time students) 

To assist you in "shopping" for your tax prep needs, we are proud to offer a price list for our services.  Please click on the link at the left of this box.

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